EsirinX is a company founded in 2014
by a group of digital transformation experts and investors to help leaders of the digital tomorrow transform today.

Every day the world is transitioning to new digital media, and interactive collaboration tools emerge on the market. With rapidly evolving technologies, competing sales channels, and frequent changes in consumer preferences, many companies are struggling to undergo internal transformation to meet the challenges of the modern - always connected - world.

We help organizations with creating compelling and consistent digital impressions along all points of interaction with the client.

our mission
To empower leaders of the digital tomorrow with efficient practices to transform today.
our values
Cooperation and respect. Professional integrity. Commitment to excellence.
our Approach
Even several years ago most organizations used following approach to adopting innovations. Business priorities were established, based on these priorities CIO developed long term IT strategy. Substantial financial resources were invested into infrastructure, ERP systems were integrated, business processes were adjusted to fit the new infrastructure, clients had to adjust.
But in the recent years businesses have changed substantially. Technological progress is accelerating. Consequences of the global economic crisis has been felt through the industry, liquid financial assets have dwindled and the era of client has arrived. These days client sets the rules.
That is why Esirinx is focused on finding and introducing technologies that simplify communication with the client and make their life more comfortable.
We work with both established state of the arts. In either case we guarantee successful integration and ongoing support.
emerging technologies and startups
established solutions
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Esirinx’s team consists of world class experts. Their experience spans more than 100 strategic consultancies for Fortune 500 companies
200 000 +
hours of consulting experience
100 +
strategic consultancies
$ 100M
multiple orbital satellite missions